I. What devices are required for "ClubROOM"?

You need an Apple iPad with iOS 8.0 or higher in addition to a projector or a tv with AirPlay functionality. 'AirPlay functionality' means that it either has a built in AirPlay receiver or that it is connected to one, like for instance an Apple TV. In case you plan to use a wired connection, you also need an iPad HDMI adapter.

III. What am I supposed to do, if the connection between my iPad and the tv / projector drops?

If you use a wired connection like HDMI, make sure that all connectors are correctly plugged together and your tv / projector is configured to use the right signal source. If there is still no connection, unplug the used adapter from the iPad for 10 seconds and plug it back in.
In case you use a wireless connection via AirPlay, check your wireless network and reconnect to your AirPlay receiver.

IV. Do I need an internet connection?

You only need an internet connection during the first setup as you have to download "ClubROOM" from the AppStore. After that the app doesn't need the internet at all. Nevertheless you still have to be connected to your network if you plan to use a wireless connection via AirPlay.

V. Does the iPad need to be plugged in?

It is not mandatory to have the iPad plugged in and since "ClubROOM" was designed to be very efficient you'll be fine for quite some time on battery. However if you want to party the whole night, you'll propably be better off with your iPad plugged in. Very likely you don't have the time to check on your iPads battery level every hour and it would be a shame if the light went out at some point.

VI. Do I need a special kind of projector?

In theory you can literally use every projector you want, as long as you manage to connect it somehow to your iPad. Practically we recommend using an HDMI connection, since only HDMI managed to convince us completely in terms of reliability during testing. Keep in mind that you need a really bright one in case you want to use it for this purpose in daylight.

VII. How do I connect an iPad to an AirPlay receiver?

Configure your AirPlay receiver correctly and make sure it's powered on. Swipe upwards from the very bottom of your iPad screen in order to show the iOS control center. Tap onto the AirPlay labeled button to search for available AirPlay receivers and choose the one you'd like to connect to.

VIII. At what level of music does the app work?

In general it should work as soon as you can hear your music. At that point the microphone in your iPad should be able to pick something up too. Use the integrated syncronisation function to enshure the app can alayse the music as good as possible.

IX. It seems like "ClubROOM" isn't picking anything up at all. Is something broken?

As you might have already guessed, "ClubROOM" needs access to the microphone of your iPad. In case it doesn't work at all it's very likely that the app hasn't got permission to use the microphone. If you are not asked to grant it access to the microphone in the process of the very first start, make sure to enable it manually in the iOS settings.

X. Why is there no free version?

We realised that a free version of "ClubROOM" wouldn't get you the user experience we like you to have. As you try our app, you'll see that you definitely need all the space available on the screen. Placing ads somewhere would render the app useless.

XI. I need technical support. Where can I get it?

Please do not hesitate to contact us in that matter: support@clubroom-app.com