One mapping each party

Create different mappings and store them for the next time. Not a single detail gets lost. Once your collection get's crowded, just rename your mappings. There's absolutely no need for you to get confused.

Many grids each mapping

Once you edit a mapping, you'll see what we call grids. Now it's getting interesting, because every glowing area that we can see on the external as well as on the internal display is a grid. Feel free to delete and add them or even change their shape and move them around. Furthermore it's up to you to which kind of tones a grid responds to - low, mid or high.

What grids are made of

You don't have to hassle with effect settings every time you add a new grid. Our effect editor let's you control all grids at the same time. Chose an effect as well as color range, saturation and brightness. But if you think it would be cooler to see a different effect, just go for it. All previously picked effects are saved for easy switching and every change is displayed in realtime.


If you think ClubROOM doesn't respond well enough to your music, no problem. Head over to the settings section and adjust each individual trigger level for low, mid and high tones manually. Or enable AutoSync for letting the App take care of changing music volumes.