Initial setup

For your first setup you need an iPad (1) as well as a working internet connection (2). Next you are to decide wether you prefer to use a wired or a wireless connection. The first means you need an iPad HDMI adapter (3a), the latter implicates an AirPlay receiver (3b) like i.e. the Apple TV is reqired. Regardless what you opt for, the external display has to be connected through an (4) HDMI cable and can either be a projector (5a) or a tv (5b).


Step 1 - download & installation of the app

Make sure your iPad has a working internet connection, open the AppStore and search for "ClubROOM". Choose between either the standard or the pro version and start downloading.

Step 2 - hardware connections

Projector or tv
Hook up the video adapter to your iPad, then connect the HDMI cable to the adapter. The other end of the video cable needs to be plugged into the tv or projector. Make sure everything is powered on before you configure your tv/projector to read the proper video source.

Airplay receiver
In this case you don't need to wire anything. Double check the network connection of your iPad and AirPlay receiver. Then just connect the iPad to your AirPlay receiver with the aid of the iOS control center.

Step 3 - fire up "ClubROOM"

It's time to launch the app. After initialisation select one of the prebuild sets or create your own. At this point it's totally up to you what's next. Maybe you like to watch your music, maybe you want to tune sets, showcases and effects in order to match your room.